Buying a Used Car from a Dealership – Is It Worth It?

Buying a Used Car from a Dealership – Why It Makes Sense

With prices for both new and used vehicles skyrocketing, consumers now more than ever need to find cost-effective deals. The good news is that used cars are likely to see a 10% to 20% decline in price this year, according to JP Morgan. That means it’s a great time to jump on that used car you’ve had your eye on. But is it better to buy from a dealership, or go search online for a private seller? In this piece, we’ll take a look at why buying a used car from a dealership is almost always the better solution. 

Why Buying a Used Car from a Dealer Makes the Most Financial Sense


Perhaps the main reason you should consider buying a used car from a dealer is that these are establishments with addresses, reviews, support numbers, etc. In other words, they have a reputation to uphold. They can’t count on repeat business if they keep selling shoddy merchandise. A private seller, by contrast, only needs to make a single sale. Then they could leave the city or even the country and any unforeseen issues with the car that come up are far more difficult to rectify. With a dealership, however, there’s always someone to talk to and always a solution to fix whatever car issue you’re facing post-purchase. 


A dealership, by virtue of it being a dealership, is going to have a variety of vehicles from which you can choose. Whereas when you’re looking in the private dealer market you have to approach seller by seller to inquire about a vehicle, with a dealership, you can peruse their entire stock with a single online search or phone call. 


If you’re looking to trade your current vehicle in for a newer one, then dealerships are your best bet. While some private buyers will accept trades, it’s quite rare. With dealerships, the opposite is true. That way you can get a substantial discount on your purchase and manage your entire vehicle swap with a single inquiry. 

Payment Plans

Most dealerships will offer you a variety of financing options so you can purchase your vehicle on a timeline that makes sense for you. You compare that to private dealers who will often require cash upfront and you’re at a financial disadvantage without these financing options available to you. 

Avoid Bidding Wars

The private seller will do their best to shop the vehicle around, hoping to induce some sort of bidding war between you and another party; and you can’t blame them. They do, after all, have to try and get as much money as they can out of their sale. A dealership, by contrast, often won’t engage in this tactic and instead can often be negotiated down on price. 

Vetted Vehicles

While you should always do your due diligence before purchasing a vehicle, dealerships are in general going to have better quality cars in stock and have performed all the necessary diagnostics. Again, as mentioned at the top, they have a reputation to uphold. Opposed to a private seller, this isn’t just a one-time deal to make some extra cash – this is their entire business model. As such, you can place a higher level of trust in their vehicles. 

Warranty Guarantees

You can often get peace of mind that your newly purchased vehicle is in good shape via warranties offered by the dealership. With these assurances in place, you can often bring your vehicle back for service within a prescribed time period. You won’t get these types of protections when making a private purchase. This is especially valuable when you buy a car from a dealership that has an onsite service centre that you can come back to at any time for help. 


How to Buy a Used Car from a Dealer – Tips on Buying a Used Car

If you want to learn how to buy a used car from a dealer or more tips on buying a used car from a dealership, it’s simple: call one up!

The dealer will be happy to walk you through the purchasing process, which is often quite simple and easy. 

You can arrive on a lot and leave that same day with your new car if you so choose. Staff at dealerships are trained to make your deal as easy and headache-free as possible. 

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